Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Half Tri

Tonight was a good workout!
I went into it with the desire to complete a half tri. 200yd swim, 5 mile bike and 1.5 mile run.
I completed the swim in 4.22
Transitioned into bike/run clothes and headed upstairs. Transition time 4.02
Biked the 5 miles in 19.16
Transition from bike to run 47 seconds
Ran the 1.5 miles in 15.53
For a total time of 44.21

The last time I did a half tri workout was 3/21/07 and my time then was 46.45. On that day my bike was faster at 17.42. I am wondering if I did it then at level 1 or if I was that much faster. Everything else I improved on. Dropping 10 seconds off the swim, 42 seconds off of transition 1, 2 seconds off of transition 2 and 3 minutes and 6 seconds off of the run.

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