Friday, April 27, 2007

Sweet Deals

When I woke up this morning I wasn't thinking, I am going to save a lot of money today...but I did.
In this post I made mention of some potential purchases. Today was the day. And I scored HUGE!

I got an email this morning that one of my fellow tri friends made an order for our new running hats. We ordered together on a closeout and split the shipping. Sweet. I got the light blue.

Cost me $12.50 savings of $7.50

Next, this same friend gave me an FYI yesterday that Value City was having a sale; $10 off your store purchase of $20 or more (thru Sunday). It just happens that their Nike chlorine resistant swim suits are $19.99. So I went and picked up a new suit and a bag of chips and walked out with both for $11. Suggested retail on the suit was $70.

Cost me $10.42 savings of $59.58!

This afternoon I did a random search on triathlon and it sent me to Ebay. After looking through some items, I made a bid on a triathlon suit. DESCENTE WOMENS AERO-XT TRIATHLON SUIT New $100 I bid $34.77 and WON!!! Check out how it matches my hat. How great is that?

After Shipping it cost me $42.76 a savings of $57.24!

So total spent- $65.68
Total saved- $124 .32

WooHoo Woohoo! Oh yeah, doing a little dance!

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