Saturday, April 28, 2007

1001 Choices in Homeschooling

The last couple weeks I have been looking over home school catalogs. For us next year's curriculum is an open canvas. As I peruse the different pages and consider all that we COULD do, the options are endless. I have circled a few possibilities and checked out different sites. Then today I attended a curriculum forum where other mom's from our support group brought in materials they have used. All the books were set out by subject so that we could look through them. Then we had a formal discussion about everything that was brought. It was great to hear and see what others are using. I found some that have used what I am considering and got the pro's and con's. Narrowing my list in some subjects. Then I heard great reviews about some stuff I had not even heard of before. So it is time to do some more research. While I have time to make my purchases I want to know what direction we are heading. Our co-op has an awesome used books sale in June where many curriculum's go for GREAT prices. So if I have an idea of what I want I can begin to work out my budget. Then when the sale comes around I can hit it knowing what I need. After the sale I can look around online to find whatever it may be that I still need. This is the plan anyhow.

Here are some considerations (feedback welcomed if you have first hand knowledge on any of the following)
BJU Reading, Phonics, English and Spelling
Saxon Math 1
Mystery of History
All Through the Ages
Character First
Science ??? Apologia again????

If you have anything outstanding you have used, please contribute. I am looking for first grade for my son.

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J said...

I wish I could have been there - thanks for sharing and listing some of the resources you are researching.