Monday, April 09, 2007

Break Over

Back to school.
Since we took a couple weeks for break, I decided to get back into the swing of things with a review day. I scoured the internet for worksheets that covered skills we had been working on prior to the break. I made some 100 charts both blank and one with missing numbers. Then I found some stuff for word families. I printed off all the word families we have covered so far; at, an, am, ad and ap. To get writing again I had him write a simple sentence for each of the five word families. His favorite sentence that he made up was the ram ate ham. He thought that was hilarious.
For math I had him fill in the missing numbers off the hundreds chart. We had a disagreement about which way to make a 4, open or closed. His closed four looks like 9's so I really wanted him to make the open. Dad came home for an early lunch and settled the matter. He can choose between the two but if he does closed it must be at an angle and look like a 4.
As he was working on the number chart, little girl and I played some memory with her Pooh cards. Then DS and I played with the cards a version of word go fish. He read the words on the card to make matches. Brilliant.
After lunch Dear Son made a clothes line, putting numbers in order, then hanging up clothes on it. Currently he is still on break and playing with Tinker Toys.
It is good to be back to school. Next it is off to read a GIANT stack of library books that must make their way back to the library.

Here are some of the sites that I found today. Many interactive learning opportunities. I plan to come back to this for skip counting. Free practical worksheets for grades PK-5. This is where I found the word family worksheets. This site covers a wide variety of subjects and the content was exactly what I needed. To get the worksheet only, I clicked on the picture and it took it to a screen to print worksheet only. Otherwise you end up with three sheets of paper to your one worksheet. This is the site I printed the 100 charts from. All things math should be found on this site.


J said...

Sounds like a fun day! I loved the website links - already printed off some worksheets for tomorrow's school!

Thanks for the info!

J said...

The worksheets I printed last night (Kidzone link) were a hit with the kids today. They asked to do more - this time they were standing by the computer helping make the decision and getting excited as they came off the printer. They loved them. Great site! I think it may become my new "2nd" favorite kid's site (right behind Starfalls of course)!

Thanks for passing on the info !!