Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Site

I had a few minutes this morning so I typed kindergarten homeschool ideas into a Google search. The first stop was an amazing collection of ALL things homeschool.
A-Z Home's Cool Homeschool
It has everything between the letter's of A-Z that could conceivably be expected and or desired.
For fun I went to M- Found Michigan and clicked on a few of the sites. On this one I found some interesting places in Michigan. Anything related to ants could be found on one of these links. A click on Science Experiments took me took a link I am sure I will return to. A link from there had this handy little guide to field trips.

A-Z Home's Cool Homeschool Web Site is the link to many missing links. I am amazed at the wealth of information this site has. And I love her warning at the top:

WARNING: Before entering this homeschool site, be sure small children are safely occupied, you have gone to the bathroom, and have plenty of snacks on hand. This is a large home education site with lots to read and do!


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