Monday, March 26, 2007

Today's the Day...

If you recall last year my interest in the peregrine falcons on the Rhodes Tower in Ohio. While talking to my parents on the phone this morning, my Dad asked if I had seen any updates on the falcons. He went to the site and as the camera came up, there in the box was the first egg. There is currently only one. Updates on the site say it was laid on Saturday. The females will lay up to 4 eggs, one every 2-3 days. This years couple is Scout and Orville. Victory last year's female was injured and recovered by the DNR, she is in recovery and doing well. So go check it out, live feeds of the nest box upload every 15 seconds, although you can refresh to get a updated view at anytime.
Go check it out-
To read the Falcon's blog go here-

I got a good picture of the proud parents with the egg, yet blogger is currently not cooperating.

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Heidi said...

this is COOL, thanks for the link!