Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Even the Ridiculous

I do not recall where I heard this story, it was many years ago. But it has always stuck with me.

A man was driving home from church when he felt the Lord ask him to go to a specific store and go to the frozen food aisle and stand on his head. The man thought this is the silliest thing I have ever heard or thought so he tried to dismiss it. The Lord asked again, 'Go to this store, go to the frozen food aisle and stand on your head.' He laughed at the thought of it. Then the Lord said, 'you stand in church and praise me, you sing I will go Lord where you lead me. Yet I am leading you and you will not go.' The man realized it was truly the Lord asking him to do this, so he said "Yes lord I will go." He went to the store, sheepishly went to the frozen food aisle and got down onto the ground and stood on his head. He felt rather silly there. He got up, looked to God and said there I did it. Then he heard it, the sound of weeping. He looked behind him and there was a young man. The man shared that he was going through a hard time in life and had planned to kill himself that night. He had prayed, a desperate prayer, God if you are real, send someone to stand on their head right here in this store."

You never know how your actions may affect someone. It may save their lives. You may lead them to the Lord and save their lives eternally. If God calls you to do something, regardless of how ridiculous it may sound. Do it. You may never know how it will change someone s life.


J said...

Priceless! During my quiet time with the God today I was praying about obedience and my desire to do God's will no matter what He calls me to do (or say). Then I read your post just minutes later...thank you. I think it was a visual I needed to remember that "God's ways are not our ways!" Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Like my husband always says" Everythign happens for a reason" even if it doesn't make sense and you don't know it, every little thing you do in life is leading you to somewhere or someone you were suppose to go to. Even if you never get the chance to know why, there was a reason you were there that day at that moment. everything we do in life is leading us to where we need to be. you may not see it now but one day when you look back you'll understand every moment,every person you met, every place youve been. and why you had to be there. and if you look back on how you got to where you are you will see why it had to happen and how it was all mconnected and suddenly your entire life will make a lot more sense suddenly. the good, the bad, the failed relationships, the pain,the heartache, the fun times, the people you knew, the places you went to get here. everything happens for a reason and everything is related. like one great big chain reaction of events and people who brung you to where you are now because you needed to be there.