Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Than A Name

For weeks now I have had a list of names before me. The girls listed are all attending the weekend I have been organizing and will be directing this weekend. Last night I received the paper work for each of the girls including information from their sponsors on personalities and home life. Reading their stories I am moved at what God is doing in their lives and excited about what He will continue to do over the course of this weekend. They come from all different walks of life. The each have different strengths and weaknesses. They each have a story. God has called them for such a time as this to strengthen them in their faith and love them with an everlasting love. I love seeing them as God's daughter and being able to pray more specifically for them as the time draws near.
Please, join me in praying blessings over each of these girls and the weekend that is nearly here.

Oh and before I go, you are more than a name as well. You are loved by the King of Kings, Your Heavenly Father. He knows you by name. He knows your story. You are more than a name to Him. You are His precious child. And He longs to bless you with an everlasting love.


Bek said...

ooh, sounds like a fun God weekend approaching. May He give you divine wisdom in leading these precious daughters of His! (Isaiah 11:2) - also, i like your pastor's suggestions in the previous post - kindof connects with the post i just wrote!

Tiany said...

You have such a great blog here! I will be praying for you and the girls this weekend!