Friday, March 16, 2007

Movie Review

Just back from the Dove movie Everyone's Hero.
A boy down on himself comes across a talking baseball. When bad news hits the family he heads out to make things right. On a cross country adventure he becomes everyone's hero. The movie is filled with positive messages. It is clean and fun. The use of violence is slap stick such as running into poles and volts of electricity from the wire. Kinda like Home Alone, the bad guy has some misfortune trying to accomplish his plan.
The ending scene made me cry. Very cute and worth going to the theater for $2.50 an adult or renting for those out of the area.
We give it two thumbs up for a fun family film.
"Keep swingin' everyone!"

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J said...

Did DD like it? I just wondered if my kids would like it and be able to keep their attention.