Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sunshine and Cold

Looking out the window it looks absolutely beautiful. You walk outside and reality hits, it's still cold. Oh well. It is not officially spring...yet.

Last night the family met our best man's new baby. Healthy, sweet and cute. Very mild manored. Although he does make some outrageous sounds for one so young. :P I like newborns but I think I am glad to be out of this stage. Each stage is precious in it's own right as well as have it's challenges. Yup, I am ok with being done with the new born stage. Definitely done with diapers.

Pondering. I am an extrovert. Social. Outgoing. I like people and staying connected. I am in an odd phase in life, perhaps it is the unusual busyness I have found myself in lately. But I am not reaching out to connect with my friends as much. Some have picked up my slack and made efforts to call me periodically and check in. Others, most likely my introvert friends, it seems like I have not connected with in ages. Too long. Perhaps it is time for a ladies night at my house. A reconnection. To my ladies, I am not intentionally ignoring anyone, I am not mad at anyone, I really care deeply for each of you. Thanks for your patience with me. And by all means give me a call, I would love to hear from you. Read between the lines here: I will make time to connect with you. I am struggling to prioritize and thus relationships are touch and go. This is temporary. Seriously we should think about a Ladies Night, let me know if your in.

On speeding. If it were not for speed limit signs and the occasional police officer I would lose track of my speed and go over the limit. It is a complete unconscience thing. speed limit sign...oh I am going 5 over...back Mr police officer ahead...4 over...back down. I try to remember to keep a constant gauge of my speed but I usually need reminders. And left on the highway I can unintentionally go 10 over in a matter of seconds. It is nice now my son is learning to read signs he will let me know what the speed limit is. Thankfully he has not quite mastered the speedometer. Perhaps when he does I will not have to worry about it any more. I will have a governor in the car.

Last night before bed, hubby and I worked out a plan to get us both to the gym in the morning. I would get up and go, when I returned he would go. Normally I am awake by 7am, this morning 7:22 was the first time I lifted my head. and I swiftly put it back down. I was not realy excited about going. I rolled over, trying to go back to sleep. When hubby stirred I told him to go ahead, that I would take a day off. My quads and calves were screaming at me yesterday and I thought I will take a recovery day. He said he was sleeping in as planned and that I should go to the gym. I laid there for a few more minutes and realized that I need to build muscle memory and if I took the day off it would probably not be to my benefit. So I got up and went to the gym. I ran 1.5 miles. I am glad I did. It felt good. Now tomorrow I can take as my day of rest.

Soon we will be off for the maple syrup festival, maybe we will see you there.

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