Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Up, Up and Away

About a year and a half ago, DS found out that our friend was a pilot. Ever since he has wanted to fly. He woke up this morning with smiling eyes and asked "Is today the day I get to go for an airplane ride?" Today was the day indeed. Kellie and her husband invited us out for the day, along with other members of our small group. I will let the pictures relay the day.

5pm we arrive at the hanger. The kids explore the plane. Can we say....excited?

The first to go up was Kevin, his son(age 4) and Kellie's daughter(2). With Kellie's husband as the pilot.

Here they are shortly after their landing. The guys come around for the scoop.

Next up was my boy(5) and his cousin(5). They got to wear these cool headphones!

Here is DD waving goodbye to her brother, cousin, daddy and Kellie's husband.

We have lift off.

Isn't that a good looking plane?

DS running over to tell about his adventure. He loved it...every minute of it.

Next up was DD(2), myself , my brother-in-law and of course...the pilot.
DD waving out to daddy and her brother.

Here is a cool view of the tail of the plane. Look beyond it and you can see the runway.

The view from the sky is amazing. Everything looks so much smaller from above. It's good to get a different perspective of the world.

This gives you an idea of the cockpit. This is our approach to the runway. The head to the left is Kellie's husband...fantastic pilot. He explained everything that he was doing and made sure everyone felt safe.

While I was in the air, DS got to go up in a six passenger plane. Without mom or dad. He was pretty proud of himself.

Everyone made it safely back. For some it was their first time flying period. Others their first time in a small airplane. For me it was my first time landing in a small airplane. The last time I decided to jump out...

Thanks guys for a wonderful evening...we will remember it always.


Diane said...

DS and DD will remember this always, I'll bet. It looks like everyone had a great time, and it was educational, too, but I doubt that even occurred to them. :-)

Seeker4Christ said...

WHAT?!?!?! You've JUMPED from a plane!!!! I never knew that!!! When?? Tell the story, please, please, please! You have definately piqued my curiosity!

How exciting for your kids! It's been ages since I've been up in a plane. Probably about 15 years. It would be fun to do again to get an "adult perspective". (I've only been in small ones.) Diane is right. I have never forgotten the entire day from all those years ago. Very fun memories indeed! :)

Seeker4Christ said...

BTW, what happened to your pic on the side, your links, and your blogroll?? Did you know it was missing?

Kellie said...

Great pictures. Some of them I may use for promotional materal for the plane. We did have a great day. Even though non of us stayed for the fireworks. The food was good and the company better. That was my DD's first plane ride and she did great. She told everyone we saw that she went in a plane.