Monday, July 03, 2006


Just before we pulled out of the driveway my son remembered his $3 and asked if he could get it so he could buy something at the store. He went in to retrieve it. Money in hand we were off. Looking at the gas gauge it was getting low so I went to the gas station and put $15 in the tank. Then we went to the store. I had a very basic list. Things to get us through until Wednesday. When I had left the house I had grabbed $15 for the groceries. When I got gas I "knew" there was $20 in my wallet so I used the $15 for the gas. Embarrassment #1 we put our stuff up on the conveyor belt only to realize my wallet was in the car. OK not that big of a deal, I take the stuff off, wait as the lady in front of me finishes her purchase then I set the cart aside to get my wallet. I get the wallet and go back to check out. Now mind you my son has been scouring the candy in the checkout and has made his choice of purchases. Candy, gum and more gum. I get the cash from my wallet...uh oh...$12. This is going to be close. The total button is pressed and with it brings the result. $13.16...yikes. I had some change in my pocket so I was lacking a dollar. Oh dear son..."mommy needs to borrow a dollar from you. PLEASE give mommy a dollar. (Trying to pry it from his death grip) DS I will pay you back AS SOON as we get home. That means you will have to put one thing back. PLEASE LET MOMMY HAVE A DOLLAR!! OK I guess we will need to take the bananas off of the total (Cashier gives me a pitiful look of don't make me) DS this is so embarrasing, I am feeling frustrated." A woman behind us offers to buy the boy his gum. He still resists. All he can see is his candy and the fact that this is "his money." In the end just before I burst into tears the dear woman hands me a dollar and tells me "not to worry about it." I thank her. DS makes his purchase, he was given $.51 in change. I ask him to please give this to the woman who gave me the dollar and he makes a humph sounds and clenches that as well. I look at the woman, I am sure I looked pitiful...and I thank her again. As we leave the store I tell DS I am disappointed. He tells me I can have the change. I add it to my nickels and a dime I had in hand. The "nice" lady was leaving the store and I handed it to her. She didn't want to accept it. I told her please take it, that "it would clear my conscience." She smiled and said she had children and she understood. It didn't diminish the fact that I was mortified, embarrassed and not to mention dissappointed. He is not always this stingy; he normally has a giving heart. Which leads me to think, why was he so today? Was it becase he had the desired stuff in his hands? Was it because his reward was so close he could taste it? Did he not see my desperation? Did he care? Was it even fair to ask that of him? I am not sure...

The moment is over. I can crawl out of my hole. The day continues on...


Diane said...

I've had to borrow money from Jessica, which came out of her piggy bank. Humbling, let me tell you.

But....just remember, he's very young and has a lot of maturing to do, and I can almost guarantee that not too long in the future you will be bailing HIM out more times than you can count, and it won't be only a dollar and some change on the line. Experience can be a harsh and humbling teacher sometimes.

Don't be embarassed. You might be surprised what lessons he learned from this:

#1, Just because you want or even need something, you may not always be able to pay the cost for it.

#2, Being selfish has a way of coming back on you.

#3, The one you deny may be the one you have to humble yourself and ask something from later.

Even though he may not be showing obvious signs of learning, he's soaking in things all the time.

Cheer up, it could have been much worse as embarassing things go, S. :-)

Bek said...

very real and though u may not have meant it to be, funny, story :)

Dad said...

I feel for ya kiddo .. but knowing you I will bet you figure out a way to turn this into a lesson yet.