Saturday, July 01, 2006

Released to Dance

A few months ago I was given a prophecy, I need to go back and listen to the exact words that were given but the basic jist was that I would dance for the Lord. That my worship would set people free and heal. There was more but the coolest thing happened last night. I was released to dance. In the midst of worship I felt the Lord say dance Sarah, dance for me. So I began to dance. Now I have to say the timing took me back. On Thursday I bashed my pinky toe, hard! I dropped instantly to the floor and cried out in pain. Moments later it was dripping blood. Walking around in my shoes Thursday I was a hobbling mess. Friday, I resolved to wear flip flops so the pressure would not be on my pinky toe. Then there I was in worship and he tells me to dance. As I danced you might expect that I felt the pain in my little toe; but I didn't. There was no pain. At one point during this time there was a man in front of me, on his knees. As I danced I felt the Lord direct me to say something to him. I knelt down next to him and spoke the words to him. He did not see my face, he was bowed before the Lord. I stood up and continued in worship. I could tell that God was moving; all around in fact. The time of worship ended, the lights came back up. I went outside to catch my breath for a moment and to cool down. The night sky was a dark blue, stars peppered the sky and a small cresent moon shone brightly. God your amazing. I went back inside to retrieve my bible, as I did the man came up to me. He said where you the one that spoke those words to me. I told him I was. With a radiant smile he said that it was completely of the Lord, that God had done some very cool things in his life at that moment and thanked me for my obedience. How very cool! We sat down and chatted for 20 minutes or so. It was not a coincidence that God used me to touch this man, as we spoke it was evident to me that I was the very one that should be speaking to him. God could have used anyone there, yet He used me. What a blessing. Today I am feeling so very thankful for the dance.

By the way, I am not a dancer. I took one class of 5th grade Jazz. I was probably the most ungraceful girl in the class. When I was in gymnastics in high school, I struggled through the floor routine and the dance parts of it. Yet in my weakness God calls me out and asks me to dance.


Bek said...

I LOVE hearing of people being released to dance. i believe we all dance in heaven - we get to love Him with all our strength! and there are new dimensions of movement in heaven, i know....and the heart of the King is somehow, indescribably, so moved by dance that it is an intercession and He will do anything for you, He'll give you up to half the kingdom.....

Kellie said...

DD's new fav song
Rejoice in the LORD always and agian I say Rejoice. We sang it over and over in the van today. When I read your post I remembered the words again to that song and I rejoice in the LORD. I rejoice because of you dear. GOD has you and HE is truely blessed. So are you.

Diane said...

Psalm 149:3
Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.

How blessed you are that He can use you this way, S. Obedience brings blessings.

God Bless You, this is beautiful. :-)