Thursday, August 07, 2014

#28 Pasta with Spinach, Mushrooms, Pumpkin and Hazelnuts

Such an interesting day. We started off with Kid's Club. I had to make two trips to the nearby apartments as I had kids lined up on the sidewalk wanting to participate. It is always fun listening to them chatter in the back seat in Nepali. I usually follow along alright, not every word but usually enough to understand what the conversation is about. Today was an interesting one about my dog and how it poops outside. Funny kids.

Then we had a guest for a few hours, my daughters friend. They practiced running through a play DD wrote this week. Good stuff.

Then in the early evening we did something that terrified my children. We went to class of children all learning their native language. My kids sat wide eyed as the teacher did all the instruction in Nepali. He handed out pieces of paper and taught them the first 15 constants of the Nepali alphabet.

We made it through the first three lines of this chart. After each line all the students were asked to go to the chalkboard and write them. My daughter was terrified. She would not move. She would not go up. The boy wrote one letter from each of the first two lines. I went up and wrote them all. They were fish out of water. Thrust into a new environment with new circumstances, Somewhere in the middle of class I made a deal. If she would go up and write the last line she would not have to eat spinach pumpkin pasta for dinner. She took the bait. She did it as did the boy, they wrote all of line three up front on the black board in front of everyone. Phew.

We went to Wendy's for dinner. I figured they were courageous enough tonight, I did not want to torture them. And you know eating spinach AND mushrooms is torture.

So we were making a meal that no one really wanted, what to do? I contacted our college intern at the garden and asked if he would like tonight's dinner and he was totally on board.

We came home, DD helped with the prep and I cooked it up in no time.
We scratched the sausage and added spinach and hazelnuts to yesterday's master recipe.
It was actually better than I thought it was going to be. I kinda liked it.

I took the rest to the garden where our college intern more than liked it, he loved it! He enthusiastically chowed down a huge serving and asked, "Man, what is wrong with your kids? This is awesome!" Their loss, your win. They would consider the fact that he ate it instead of them a huge win for them. Oh well.

While at the garden I helped one of my favorite families dig up their potatoes. I love digging up potatoes, it is like digging for treasure. Big, red, beautiful treasure.

Great day!

I did not like my Nepali class. I would rather have a private tutor for my Nepali because all the other kids already knew Nepali and understood more than me. I want to do it one on one. I was glad I did not have to eat this meal, really glad.

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