Wednesday, August 06, 2014

#27 Pumpkin Pasta with Sausage and Wild Mushrooms

 Did you see that last word in the title there? My kids did and when sweet girl saw it she had made up her mind that this dinner was not going to be any good. Sigh. I understand her predicament. I too grew up in a home that loved mushrooms but as a child I despised them. Unfortunately for me ham and mushroom was my families go to pizza. I was told to pick them off, which I did.
 Now as an adult I really like them. Taste buds do change. I am hoping that process speeds up a bit for my daughter so she can really enjoy these delicious foods she is helping prepare.

Never in my early days of youth would I have ever conceived pasta, pumpkin, onions and mushrooms all in the same meal. And I would have pitched a fit had I thought I might have to eat it. I also would have never imagined I would like it!
But I did! I think Rachael is a fan of nutmeg and I am beginning to agree.
The boy came to the table and the first thing he asked, "Does this have mushrooms in it?" Yes. Sigh.
Then he tasted it and said, "This is actually good." At least I have one in the family who is willing to truly try something before judging it.
DD on the other hand took a small serving with nearly no meat or mushrooms. She loved the sausage but she could not distinguish between the two in the final product so she erred on side on little to none.
We are in trouble tomorrow; spinach and mushrooms in the same dish, a variation of today's meal. Lord have mercy, who is joining me for dinner?

I only had a small bit of noodles with no vegetables or mushrooms. It was kinda good. As for tomorrows dinner, I am skipping.

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