Friday, May 04, 2007

Water Challenge

Remember 52 and 53 from this post?
I don't think I have learned my lesson.
When I workout I usually have a 32oz water bottle that I finish off before the end of my work out. Then the rest of the day I may consume 8oz, maybe. The reality I am still living life dehydrated. The sad thing is my body is so used to it, it thinks this is the way it is suppose to be. One reality for me is the fact that I rarely sweat. I am not saying this for the girl factor that "we don't sweat, we glisten." No I don't sweat. This is not good. As I have been training I am working out HARD. My body is heating up and not having a sufficient way to cool itself. I occasionally get a little sweaty, I have concluded that my body can only produce minimal amounts so it does so late in the workout to try and cool the brain and the heart. Enough about sweat.
The fact is I need to up my water intake. Previous attempts at this have failed. I fill up a glass and let it sit there, all day. My girlfriend shared with me what she has done in the past and it is totally working for me. The water challenge. To drink four 32oz containers of water a day. That is a gallon of water. Mind you I was previously drinking less than 40. How I do it. I set the timer on my watch to 2 hours and fill up one 32oz bottle. I have that two hour period to finish of the bottle. At the end of the two hours I fill it up again. And again. And again.
I am on day 4 of the water challenge. The previous three have been a complete success. What usually happens is I sip on it here and there and then about 15 minutes before the time is up I realize I have the whole thing to drink so I start chugging. The kids think it is hilarious and have taken to asking me how much time I have left and then tell me to "chug a lug." Yesterday it was even affective in getting the boy to complete a school assignment.
Now I am finding myself hydrated. I am also finding myself in the bathroom. I actually answered the phone yesterday and they asked "How are you doing?" general life question. My reply, "About to pee my pants." I better get used to it.


Irritable Mother said...

Wow, I'm thirsty!
I tagged you. Come see. :)

Dan Williams said...

That's great! Something Sherry and I have done that really helps to train the brain and body to always be in drink mode is add some crystal light to a gallon of water. It has no calories and will taste good enough you will grow to crave the taste. After a short time you will find yourself taking drinks constantly without even really thinking about it. Also, the slower you drink the water( less chugging and more evenly drinking) the more your body will absorb and the less frequently you will visit the bathroom. Good job with it.

Staci said...

i like that idea. i need to drink more water as well. jason's been good at drinking his gallon a day, ever since his last kidney stone 4? years ago. he's had them twice. attempting to avoid any more at all costs.
thankfully, i don't have that problem, but i do need to be drinking more water.