Saturday, May 26, 2007

Have TB's, Will Travel

Let me introduce you...

This is Miss Monkey. She is a adventurous little monkey that desires to travel the world and visit zoos. While she has been staying with us she went to Potter Park and is currently on her way to the National Zoo in DC.

This is I'm A Bill or Bill for short. Bill desires to visit as many State capitals as possible including the capital in DC. He visited the capital here in Michigan and is on his way to DC with Miss Monkey.

This American Hero:Firefighter. We have nicknamed him Hero Bear for short. His goal is too see America in all it's glory. While here in the Lansing area my friend's daughter took him to their local fire station. And we did the same. The firefighters welcomed him in and let the kids take pictures on one of the rigs. Hero Bear will be traveling East, destination to be determined.

These are a few of our travel bugs that we have picked up the last 2 weeks while geocaching. It has been fun having them around but now it is time to send them on their way. Each with a goal. A destination. The kids and I will be heading East to visit my Aunt, while hubby holds down the fort. While we are there we will help some of these guys meet some of their goals or try to move them one step closer to it. Who knows what kind of travel bugs we may meet on our trip and how we can help them on their journey's.

Living life vicariously through inanimate objects. Have travel bugs, will travel!


Classic MaMa said...

Great pictures! I'm sure "School House Rocks" would love to get a hold of "Bill" and his back drop. Really creative. :)

Irritable Mother said...

This looks like a fun activity!

Have you ever read the book Flat Stanley? There's a great activity we've experienced with that book, too. It may be one you want to do with your kids when they're a bit older. I'll give you details if you'd like. Just let me know!