Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Does It Look Like Again?

With the entrance of nice weather comes being outdoors. For my family it means hiking and most recently geocaching. Which has taken us into the woods for a few caches, ok many caches. Pretty much every summer it is inevitable, contact with poison ivy. I am one of those people who get it. Now you would think by now I would know what it looks like and avoid it. You would think. Not the case. Let's have a reminder now of what it DOES look like.
Visiting the poison ivy site, I am reminded. LEAVES OF THREE, LET THEM BE!

Needless to say the kids and I have all gotten it. Thankfully this year's recovery has been MUCH better than year's past. Thanks to Aveeno! Their colloidal oatmeal bath along with their anti-itch cream has done wonders. And it is kid friendly. The kids rash did not even spread. Mine did because I initially thought I had bug bites which I itched and spread the poison ivy to other parts of my body. DOH! It is almost gone now and Aveeno has really worked well.
Scroll down to anti-itch to learn more about the products.

Science lesson over.


Wendy said...

I'm very familiar w/those 3 leaves. We love hiking too and I seem to get poison ivy every year.

AnonymousMom said...

Yikes! Even though I love camping and hiking, I've somehow managed to avoid ever getting poison ivy. We're planning on camping once we move to the east coast, so thanks for the info on Aveeno!

Classic MaMa said...

Thanks for the lesson. Though I don't do outside often, my friend Plain and Simple caches far and near. I will make sure I remind her. :)

Irritable Mother said...

I never enjoyed science class, but I'll try to remember this lesson!
When I was a kid I hid in a patch of poison ivy. OOPS!!! At the time all I had for relief was calemine lotion - looked like I was wearing pink tights.
Fortunately my mom sound something in a spray can (Ivy Rid, I think) and it worked great!