Thursday, May 03, 2007

Second Chance

The other day I bid on a wind/rain jacket for the bike. I had the deal until an hour before someone placed a bid. I waited until the last few seconds and then put in another bid but miscalculated by a second and the bid had closed. I was minorly disappointed. I figured I would keep my eyes open for another one. This morning I get an email for a second chance at the original jacket I bid on for the price I bid. I bought it. I wonder if the other bidder was an alias of the seller trying to get a higher price because it said the high bidder may not have been able to complete the transaction. Hmm. Oh well. I am thankful my last bid did not go through, because now I got it for two dollars less than the final bid. There is a buy it now option available for anyone interested or if you just want to check out the details. It is a jacket and a vest. It's cool.

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