Monday, May 21, 2007

The Weekend

Friday night I got a call from my good friend's mother. My friends husband had been hit by a SUV going 60mph while her husband was going around 20mph on his bicycle. Praise God he is alive and well. Banged up and bruised but in good spirits. He had surgery on his shoulder on Saturday. He is currently home and resting. Thank You Lord for your protective hand!

While up to the hospital visiting above friend, I got to meet my new nephew, Luke. See cute picture of him on previous post. He's adorable. Mom and baby are well. They have quite a birth story but I will let Mindy tell it on her blog in due time.

On Saturday we went to Fitness Fair at church and had a good time. I rappelled off the roof. The first few moments going over the edge were awkward but I made it safely back to the ground. No crazy jumping away from the wall for me. Nice gentle descent. I got a great massage ate some good food. The kids had fun on the inflatables. I raced both my boy and my friend in the bungee bean bag. Good times. Hubby spent the afternoon giving rides on his motorcycle. He got a kick out of the kids, one girl in particular who kept wanting to go faster. How fast can you really go in a church parking lot? If you did not attend this year, I highly recommend you go next year.

After the fitness fair we hit some caches. One that was a travel bug motel. Someone got there before us and took the TB I really wanted, but I still managed to get two that I will send out to meet their goals. We also found some small caches that are called micros. They were in matchstick containers. They were a bit tricky and took some time to find them but we found them. We are currently at 38 finds in the world of geocaching.

Sunday we went to church, where the message was on unity in the family. This has been a recent prayer focus for me. Unity in the church, unity in marriage and unity in families. Good stuff.

In the evening I headed over for a tri training time with fellow triathletes. I had predetermined I wanted to do a half tri consistently moving from one discipline to the next so I could work on transitions. What I did not take into consideration was the weather. It was 55, cloudy and windy. I did it anyway. With lifeguard approval I got in and swam within the perimeters of the swim area. IT WAS COLD! The coldness threw off my breathing making it easier to swim with my head out of the water. Not the norm for me but I finished the distance none the less. And moved right away to the bike. In setting up my transition zone I forgot to lay out my helmet. And I forgot to attach my front break when I put the tire back on. Oops. I quickly retrieved the helmet from the trunk and attached the brake after trying to brake the first time and realizing my mistake. The tire still seemed off so instead of doing the road course I adjusted the wheel and opted to ride 5 miles around the lake instead. Being wet and knowing the guys were going to pass me, I wanted to be where I could stop if needed. After riding 5 miles. I transitioned to my run. Running 1.5 miles, one time around the lake. It felt good and I pushed myself to finish. I ended it after 58 minutes of continuous movement. I was a bit cold but not traumatized. It made me that much more confident of the actual triathlon. It also made me desire weather conditions of 70 degrees and no wind for race day. Less than 2 weeks of training left.

Have a great day!

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