Friday, May 11, 2007


Here are a few things that have been happening in our neck of the woods. (Thanks Al Roker)

Hands on learning is always fun. Here are the kids shopping for their toys. We put price tags on each and they have a bag of money. Even little girl was able to count out the change needed to buy everything with her pennies. I did not have anything over 10 cents for her and the boys items were priced up to 20 cents, giving him practice with nickels and dimes.

The blue trucker is gone. DS inflated the tires so that the tow truck could tow it away. Bye bye Blue. Thanks tow truck guy, I really wanted my drive way back.

The more we play outside the better these kids sleep. Here is little girl crashed out late in the afternoon.

Free sale tomorrow. Lots to sort through today.

I am singing again. I joined the choir at church which sings quarterly. Our first practice was last night and it was so nice. A great group of people. Thankful to be a part of a group of singers again. It has been YEARS!!!

The peregrine falcons at Rhodes Tower in Ohio have had a no hatch. Four eggs were laid and none have hatched. Sad. Donna, the biologist, will remove the eggs today. To watch or read, visit the falcon site.

My father-in-law shared with hubby a BRILLIANT idea. He is planning on taking a GPS to the cemetery and plotting the coordinates of family members grave sites. He does quite a bit of work for the family tree and family history. I think it is a great idea because I know how frustrating it can be to get to the cemetery and have no clue on where the grave site is. How nice would it be to put in the mark and go right to it. Or within a few feet anyway. I have encouraged my parents to do the same. (Mom/Dad this if your friendly reminder.) I know that our parents will not always be around, I may not always remember where to look. I really want to add this kind of info to all of our family trees. Perhaps you could do the same for future generations.

Geocaching is my new favorite pass time, more posts to follow on this one.

We are counting down the days until Summer break. It will be 4 weeks from today.
The weather has been so gorgeous this week. I can not wait until we will have endless hours to explore the great outdoors. When I went to the store yesterday I planned for picnics. Lots and lots of picnics. Geocaching has taken us to some beautiful places and parks and we must eat while we play.

Here's to buckling down and finishing strong.

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Tiany said...

You all have been busy, enjoyed the pics and im glad to hear your singing again. I love to sing, have been singing for most of my life and as much ads I wish I could sing in the choir again im just not in the season for it right now. I pray it will be a blessing to you and that you will be a blessing to those in your church! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!