Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oh The Places We've Been

While out hunting for geocaches this last week.

We have been to some interesting places.

So far we have found 15 caches.

Here are some interesting clues to multi-caches. Ones where you have to find a clue before finding the treasure.

We have also seen some awesome wildlife.
A red salamander.

Turtles amongst many others.

There has been a wide variety of habitat. Anyone know what this plant is?

We have found that caches can be in many shapes and sizes.

And some hiders are very creative.

We have picked up a hitch hiker. Meet Miss Monkey, she desires to travel the world. She is a travel bug that goes from cache to cache. You could find her if you figure out where we put her.

While out hunting for treasure we have taken time to enjoy the places we find.
Apparently my kids really like to swing.

Sometimes... it can get a little messy. But oh so fun. Messiness is optional as you do have a choice to proceed.

Where will you go to find treasure?

Register at to begin a hunt of your own. My family is willing to take anyone on their first hunt. Just give us a call we would love to get you started.


Dad said...

the plant is a Mayapple. Finding the salamander was way cool. I never found one of those .. way to go.

momteacherfriend said...

Mayapple it is, I just did a search of it. INteresting plant. Edible fruit, which many were already flowered. The fruit can be made into a jam.

Externally, mayapple is used as a treatment for warts and skin eruptions. Internally, a very small amount of root may be used as a cathartic (Laxative), a worm expellant, for jaundice, constipation, hepatitis, fever and syphilis.

Thanks for passing on the plant name. Time for me to find a few field guides to go in our back pack.