Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chrysalis prayer

It is time for another Chrysalis flight, where many will come and feel the Love of Christ. This is my prayer...

Dear Heavenly Father I pray that this weekend I will used for your glory. Be with these ladies that are coming Lord. surround them with your Holy Spirit. Show them your love. Encourage them. Break down walls; help them to let go of things in their life that are holding them back from you. I pray for healing in their lives. Lord, reveal yourself mightily this weekend. Teach them who you are. That they may not deny your goodness, your love or your Son. I pray for the brokenhearted, that you would heal their hearts. For those who had experienced loss, let them know you see their tears. Lord bless these girls. I pray for this team you have established for such a time as this, for this moment. Minister through them and to them. Let them be your hands and feet, let Christ be seen in each and everyone one of us there. For those giving talks boldness, honesty, clarity of speech and content. Thank you for each testimony you have given. For our lives to be used for your glory; the good and the bad, bearing fruit in your name. I pray for those working behind the scenes. Give them strength and endurance. Eyes to see what needs to be done and obedience to see it through to completion. Bless them for their work O God. Father protect our families who remain at home. Send forth your angels to guide and protect. Keep them safe from all harm intended by the evil one. Let our families draw from your strength. Bless them Lord. Thank you for the leaders. Thank you for their faithfulness. Give them wisdom and understanding. Guide them by your Holy Spirit. Thank you for this weekend. Thank you for lives changed and renewed. For freedom and wings to fly. Praise and Glory be to you alone. In Jesus Name Amen!

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