Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Like a Good Girlscout

Reading Blueberries for Sal , the words 'to store them up for winter' ring through my head. I have been thinking, don't worry I do this daily. I have been thinking about our grandparents. They were of a generation that wanted to be prepared. They had cellars lined with food to get them through the winter. They had root cellars filled with potatoes. They filled their ice chests with meat, both bought and hunted. They canned in harvest. When winter came they had food to see them through.
I know from reading blogs that the art of canning and storing up food is not completely lost in this generation but I do believe it is a dying art. And of those of us who do not can, do we even store up? I have seen a few signs in the last months for around town. It is the governments readiness program. Ready for what? Who knows; floods, hurricanes, natural disasters, health epidemics, economic crisis'. I am not sure what all it covers but I think it has merit. They encourage Americans to be prepared for any kind of emergency, making a kit. Do I have a said kit? Ummm no. I have random supplies scattered EVERYWHERE through out my home. Candles one place, matches in another, flashlight (w/o batteries) that's helpful. Do I have food to sustain us? These are things I think about. I want to be more deligent. I want to be more prepared. Whether it be a power outage, a falling economy or some other unknown, I want to be prepared.
I think it's time I get it done. My girl scout leader would be so proud.

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Wendy said...

yes, great thoughts! thanks for sharing!