Monday, October 13, 2008

Crane Fest

I mentioned in previous posts that the kids and I were planning on attending the Crane Fest. Will attend we did.
It was such a great, fun and inexpensive way to spend a Fall day. There were so many activities and things to see and do that we spent the large majority of the day there. Here is our day in pictures.

There were many different organizations that brought animals such as this owl.

A peregrine falcon

Here is how you can tell the difference between a hawk and a falcon in flight.

This tortoise was out walking ALL DAY. Whoever said tortoises were slow never met this guy. He literally walked MILES throughout the course of the day.

The local high school had decorated wooden cranes as an art project, we had fun picking out our favorites.

Pirate Crane

Super Crane

Checking out the different rocks at one of the booths.

Looking through one of many different binoculars and scopes to get a better look at the birds.

Little Miss as a butterfly

This is Captain Cattail. He led the kids on a hike and then stopped here to talk about water.

He strongly encouraged the kids to get out and explore. So here is my troupe exploring.

They found this cute little toad.

The hayride.

Shuckin' corn the old fashion way.

Below are the kids making rope. This was probably a highlight of the day.

They made teh ropes the perfect length for jump roping.

The color was fabulous and the sun was shining. Who could ask for anything more?

Around dinner time we settled into our chairs and watched as the cranes came in. It was really cool watching them fly in. There were hundreds by the time we left. They were landing in the water seen below.

Thanks for letting me share our day.

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