Monday, November 03, 2008

What would you do if were asked to go on a Chrysalis weekend?

I would go!

Yet another Chrysalis Flight has come and gone. And amazingly, God was there, as always . At the close of the weekend those participating were asked 2 questions.

What did this weekend mean to you?
What do you intend to do with it when you get home?

I love getting glimpses of what God did in a persons life over the course of those three days. God is amazing. He is good.
And then to see how someone wants to apply that and share the love with others...I get excited just thinking about it.

Then I have to stop and reflect myself...what did this weekend mean to me? What am I going to do about it?

For me this weekend was about watching each life story; the good, the bad and the ugly be used for God's glory. And watching broken hearts, be reminded of how much they are loved. It was a time of watching the power of laughter, the healing power of a good cry. The importance of a listening ear. The power in sharing my story. The importance of obedience. Taking a God moment to bless someone eternally. The need to be in constant prayer and study with God.
And taking action, being the hands and feet of Christ. I am reminded the power of a smile, a hug and a timely word. I am forever certain that God loves.

As for what I intend to do now that I am home... I intend to connect with these ladies. Pour into their lives and lift them up in prayer. I plan to dig deeper into the word. I plan to keep telling my story. And I will obey...even in the ridiculous!

God Loves You and So Do I
One of His...Super Models ;)

Feel free to share what this weekend may have meant to you.

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