Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday

Little Miss,

This has been a year of growth. Last year you were extremely shy, not wanting to talk to anyone but your closest family. This year, you have made huge steps. Greeting others, saying thank you and answering questions sent your way. I am so proud of you. I know God is growing you into the young lady He has called you to be. Watching you emerge is been beautiful.

In school you are officially in Kindergarten. With your own school and your own desk. You are a quick learner, soaking everything up. You love words. In your spare time you love to say, spell and write the different words you know. You love books and want to be a librarian when you grow up. Now that you are reading beginning books it is fun to see that love and passion grow. I hope it is a love you never loose.

In school you count to 100 by 1's and 10's. You know all the letters and their sounds. You write well. Reading is emerging and you learn new words everyday. You love science and nature. Especially animals, one of your favorite thing to do is to write animals you see in your animal book. You are ever watchful and on alert.

There are many things I love about you. You are adventurous. You love to explore and try new things. Including ethnic foods. You push yourself to do what others may not even try. Such as climbing the tree in our front year. You have persevered and conquered your goal. I know with your determination you will go far.

You are a great sister. It is fun to watch you and your brother snuggled up reading or watching a movie together. I hope you never forget, he is one of your best friends. Now and for many years to come.

You still love to snuggle up in my lap. As you are growing bigger all the time I know the day will come when you no longer fit. I cherish these moments. The smell of your hair, your giggling body and smiling face. I can not help but kiss you, you are so cute I could eat you up.

You are active. You completed another triathlon this year. You love to run and ride your bike. You and the neighbor girl can ride up and down the sidewalk for hours. You also enjoy to swing and dance. Will you dance, sing or cheer lead when you are older? These are things I wonder. You are so full of potential, I can not wait to see God's plan for your life unfold.

You are beautiful. You are lovely. You are growing. You are strong. You are loved. You are cherished. You are my sweet little girl.

I love you!

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Diane@Diane's Place said...

It's hard to comprehend that she's already 5 years old!

Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little girl.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend,S. :-)

Love and hugs,