Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Eye and Other Senses

The month of October we have been exploring our senses.
Today we went to the eye doctor to get an eye exam.

The kids enjoyed telling the doctor all about the eye. They found it interesting the different "tests" they had to do especially the one for depth perception. Yet all of it "Was cool!"
I appreciated finding out that their vision is "perfect."

If you have not had your kids eyes checked, take them in. Mine found it to be a fun field trip.

Here are some pictures from our Konos day, at the beginning of the month, where we explored our senses.
My boy cutting up a cow eye ball...

All the kids watching to see what to do next. They each had their own eye.

I love dissection!



The scent revealed.

Touching...with gloves.

Feeling in a bag.

For hearing they listened to sounds and tried to identify them. It was a fun day. I am so thankful to have other families to enjoy learning with.

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