Thursday, October 23, 2008

Operation Get Outdoors

Today we declared it Get Outdoors Day. We dressed in layers and headed outside. Subway in hand I told the kids to find a spot to eat our picnic lunch. There were picnic tables near-by but they chose these rocks instead.

From this rock perch we discussed using all our senses to explore.
Then we set off with sketch pads in hand. They could go wherever they wanted and stop to draw something if they liked.
Here is the boy deep in thought, drawing some trees in the maple forest.

Little girl found a spot on a rock and made one of her drawings.

She was super proud of her picture. Which shows all the small trees beneath the taller ones.

Raccoon tracks

Deer tracks.


This is a close up of what they are looking at. A spider and sap on the log. As well as the rings.

We came across a cool observation shed. It had slits that you could see out.

They drew so many different pictures. Trees, woodpecker, squirrel, carvings of a compass...

It was such a great afternoon.

It was a day well spent.


Mindy Richmond said...

Those are some awesome pictures! Little girl looks so grown up all of a sudden.

momteacherfriend said...

Well she IS five Aunt Mindy!