Saturday, October 11, 2008

Game Night Quotes

"I can't wait for the runs."

"That's a compliment in a very negative way."

"RACKO!" "Nooooope."

"Your pants are talking to me."

"Does anyone else hear the party in his pants?"


"Pure. Madonna?" 'Like a Virgin'

"Skip Sarah."

"You are sooo mean!"

"That cake is the bomb diggity."

"You did a Kristin."

"Hi. My name is Tom."

"What would you do if...."

Thanks ladies for a fantabulously fun evening. I no longer need an ab workout this weekend. I think I laughed so hard they may even be sore tomorrow.


heather j said...

Good times had by all. And just to clarify the comment "That's a compliment in a very negative way," I was referring to playing word games with momteacherfriend. I don't like to play with her because she always wins...a compliment (because she is always so good) and negative because I don't want to play with her ;) Love ya!!! but I had a blast playing games tonight and look forward to the next Girls Garage Night Out (GGNO for short ;)

learner said...

I slept till noon I was so tired from I must be off to work. Love you all and look forward also to GGNO.