Monday, September 08, 2008

Presenting Science Guy and Science Girl

The boy demonstrating pressure and the Eustachian tube inside your ear.

Little girl demonstrating the semi circular canals inside the ear and how they effect your balance.

The kids and I enjoyed our science experiments this morning. Then we spun around and stood on our heads.

This afternoon we had a field trip to the Sears Hearing Aide Center. There the hearing aide specialist explained how hearing aides work, checked their ears, put the kids in sound proof rooms and gave them each a hearing test. Praise God they passed. Then he took a mold of my ear using silicone. It was rather amusing. Who knew I would get a mold of my ear for my birthday? We all had a really good time!

After the hearing aide center we went to the zoo and checked out all the animals. Finding their ears and talking about how they use them to hunt or be alerted to predators.

Yeah! Having a great day!


K13 Family Blog said...

That sounds really fun and interesting. You are a GREAT Mother and Teacher, and Freind.


momteacherfriend said...

The videos were not working so here are the links.