Saturday, September 13, 2008


Capital Area Transportation Authority
I just got word that if the millage does not pass this Fall things are going to be changing with our public transportation system. Drastically!
The first and most detrimental of changes will be that all services will end at 6pm. Leaving hundreds stranded.
And if you think this will not effect you; think again!
Our bus system gave over 10,000,000 rides last year. What will happen to these riders if services are cut and reduced?
-They will be stranded.
-They may call you for a ride. Costing you gas money to help them out.
-They may drive home drunk.
-They will put more cars on the road causing those already major traffic delays to get MUCH worse.
-They may cause gas prices to rise as the demand for more gas increases.
-They WILL put drivers and other employees out of work.
-It will have a trickle down effect if students are unable to attend evening classes. These classes may be reduced or cut. If employees are unable to get home after 6, they may need to close places of business earlier. Meaning that you no longer will be able to get what you want on YOUR way home from work.
-More cars, more emissions. So much for greener and cleaner.

Secondly-Weekend services will be dropped.
Thirdly- Some routes will be eliminated.
This is just for our traditional bus service.

This does not even begin to embrace the Spec-Tran services. It will effect them too.
What will happen if Spec-Tran is no longer able to take your elderly mother to her doctors appointment. That's will effect you.

I know it is easy to think that our vote does not matter but it does!
It is also easy to vote down millage that you think will not effect you or for services that you may not use.
Yet remember, it will. And the price you have to pay will most likely be more than the $39.95 the projected cost of the millage. Heck a tank of gas cost more than that.

Please consider these things on election day and vote yes!


Mindy Richmond said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, this would indeed have drastic effects!

Oh, and it's millage, not mileage. I was confused there for a minute.

momteacherfriend said...

:) Change made.