Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Color Science

Little girls Kindergarten curriculum was discussing colors this morning. Which made it the perfect time to do one of my favorite experiments. Thank you Steve Spangler!
Color mixing-

Red and Blue make purple!

Happy with the results.

Mad scientist.

Little girls finished colors.

Attempt at art.

We tried coffee filters and they did not turn out quite right. So next we just used white card stock. This showed their colors well but I don't think will dry with the effect we were looking for. Oh well!

So since the art project was a failure we did the boys FAVORITE thing to do with colored water. We made colored polymers.

Science is so cool!


Irritable Mother said...

It looks like you were all having fun.
Hey, are you allowed to have fun in school? *grin*

I'm glad you are getting started with a Bible reading plan. How's it going?

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

We are huge Steve Spangler fans here, too. Have you signed up for his Experiment of the Week yet? It's FREE, and you'll get a wonderful experiment in your email every week.

I love your pictures, by the way.