Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Big Idea

Today is Gym day again and I lay awake this morning finalizing my plans when it hit me, my big idea.
But first let me back up to last weekend to give you a bit of history.
Last weekend my family went to help a family friend move his business to a new location across town. About 20-25 people showed up for the move and I have to say many hands make light work. Within a half hour the store front was empty and the first load loaded into the trailer. The second load shortly behind that with all the stuff from the back room. Now originally the owner did not want to burden his friends with a lot of work so he was thankful for the upstairs being done. When we saw what still remained in the basement we convinced him to let us help him get as much as we could from the basement or he would be there all month and beyond. So we set up a simple bucket brigade to hand along the items up the stairs and to the hands of someone who carried it to the truck. It was awesome. Small but heavy boxes passed easily from person to person and the load was light as we worked together.
So that is part one.
Then over the course of the week we have been discussing fire fighters, fire safety and you guessed it I remembered the bucket brigade and its original usefulness in helping communities put out fires.
So here is my big idea:
I am going to line the kids up in a line and have them pass basketballs toward a "fire." The person on the end will then throw the ball at the fire from a predetermined distance(we don't want to get too close to the fire.) Then they will take their "bucket" back to the end and keep going until I determine the fire is out.
I think this will teach them so many different things.
1. Taking turns
2. Working together to solve a problem.
3. Throwing a ball and aiming
4. Retrieving the ball
5. Getting back in line
6. History in fire fighting

I am super excited! I can't wait to see how it works.

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