Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mr Hicks and Momteacherfriend

I had a dream this morning and bare with me a moment as I do my best to recap the dream.
In my dream Shawn Wallace had come to town and was giving a public concert. For those of you who don't know, Shawn is a Jazz saxophone player that went to school at my Alma Matter and he went on to record his own CD's. So he is giving a concert and many of our former band members were there. During the show he was sharing old memories of the band and Mr. Hicks. While he was sharing his memories I flashed back in my mind to the band reunion, where I shared my own thoughts about Mr Hicks. And that is where in the early morning hours while still in a state of dreamland and reality this post was born.

I realize now what an incredible position Mr Hicks was in as our band director. In my immaturity as a high school student I could not comprehend all the different facets of who and what made up the man Mr. Hicks. There were days this man would instruct and we would get it. There were days when we would screw up and his vein would come popping out of his head. There were other days when he would gently pull you aside and say "Sarah, how are you doing?" And in those moments you knew that he genuinely cared. He nurtured, he taught, he disciplined and he became many students friend.
I can understand that now. I find myself very much in the same position. Not caring for over a hundred students but in caring for my two. You see even to my kids I have become Mom Teacher Friend. I did not know when I set up this blog how much those three attributes would come to define who I am nor how the three together would come to define this blog, giving me a new identity. Yet they have and this morning in that state of asleep and awake I lay pondering them.
I am MOM. I have been called to nurture and love my children. I am to direct them in the way of the Lord. I am also to discipline them when they have gone of course. I am the one who picks them up when they have fallen and scraped their knee. I am the one who tucks them into bed and kisses them good night. It is I, who prays with them and teaches them that God is good. It is I who corrects misbehavior and at moments it is I who becomes Momzilla with a vein popping out of my head.
I am TEACHER. While my class size is two, I understand full well that the responsibility is upon me to teach them well. I am the one responsible for teaching them to read, to write, the names of the animals , the planets and all the attributes of Math. But beyond academics I am to teach them life. For them to take care of their business. I am to teach them Godly character. I am to teach them how to be a good friend and to take care of others around them. I am to instruct with gentleness, patience and love while expecting(demanding) respect. Beyond my kids I am to share my knowledge with those whom I come in contact with. From me you may learn that the three bones inside your ear are the hammer, anvil and stir-up. Or you may learn that all is wisdom is from the Lord and that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
I am FRIEND. I am a friend to many. Doing my best to encourage and love. I enjoy connecting with people. I am an extrovert. I thrive in friendship. I have a heart that no woman be lonely. I have a heart to see others connect, relationally and with resources they may need. I am a friend that enjoys to have a good time yet will still be there in the bad or the sad. And with my kids, I desire when I am old and gray to be their friend. I want to have fun with my kids and be a person that they can share their hopes, dreams and life moments with.

There are many other aspects of my life that make up who I am. I am wife, daughter, sister, student and child of the Most High. I am Momteacherfriend.

Yes, I can relate now to who Mr Hicks is. I can appreciate all the different ways in which he has touched others. He has adopted many as his own, he has taught, he has disciplined, he has nurtured and loved, he has been a friend.

I love you Mr Hicks! You inspire me to do the same, be it for 2 or a 102.

Proverbs 13:24
Deuteronomy 11:18-20
Proverbs 17:17
John 14:6


Jess said...

I really enjoyed this post and just wanted you to know I read regularly....this was great food for thought.

Tracy said...

:) Hope to see you when I'm home & catch up!

I had completely forgot about Shawn "Thunder" Wallace. haha..."Thunder".