Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Since we did not have our camera last night we went back to the Dairy Farm to take some pictures this afternoon. I must say Miley is such a cutie. I love the markings on her forehead.

Miley...she is 17 hours old in this picture.

Her mom...Mame

Espn...15 hours old. He was still in the warming house.

His mom...Ellie

If anyone wants to see Miley and the other young calves they are around back in a private outdoor area. Look for her white triangle with the black dot in the middle. Currently she is the furthest to the left. But as more calves are born they will add them to the left of her.

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Diane J. said...

I'm glad you and your kids got to see the births. Too many people are uneducated about where our food comes from and what nature is really all about. Babies are adorable and calves especially, with those long eyelashes, and when they get a little older they're so playful!

Love the pictures, S.