Saturday, April 19, 2008


I attended the meeting on the proposed Park Trail and left quite encouraged. Here's what I learned:
Benjamin Davis Park has a trust. Since the community has never requested monies for improvement of the park, it has sat there untouched for years. No longer. The proposal I mentioned in the previous post, will make use of some of that money for phase 1 and 2 of the Davis Park Project. This will make a shared use path around the park as will as develop some of the rustic trails through the woods. They are planning on using asphalt removed from current Lansing roads as they make pot hole repairs as a base for the pathway. This could begin as soon as July with the hopes of completion in August of this year. Budget approvals will take place in May. From there they will work with engineers to finalize plans and then set it into action.
They are hoping for the community to take part in the process. By attending meetings and giving feedback. At a designated time there will be opportunities to participate in brush clearing. Of course, we are all free at anytime, in any park to help in litter clean-up.
By making Benjamin Davis a more family friendly park, they are hoping that the community will embrace it, use it and help to keep it a safe and pleasant place for every one.
Phase 3- Sidewalk extension from Miller to Jolly is something MDOT is working on. It may be constructed as soon as July 2009.
Phase 4 is probably 3-5 years out. Which is the connection of 19 city parks using the Consumer's Energy Right of Way. Possibly sooner if citizens would voice there favor of the trail. They are looking at bridges to crossover major roads and light crossings. There is a lot of things still to be worked out but progress is being made to make this dream a reality.
Also, I did not previously mention but they have applied for an MDOT Transportation Enhancement grant to construct a shared-use pathway on the east side of Waverly. In my opinion, this pathway is WAY OVERDUE. They are still working out a couple of right away issues.

What I took away from this meeting is that I have opportunities to get involved in my community. I am considering starting a neighborhood group. Things happen when people come together. So let's get together people.

Oh, and while I am passing on information. There was a myth debunked at this meeting. There has never been any sort of proposal to sell Fenner Nature Center. It is a City Park and nothing can happen to that park, nor ever will, without the vote of the people of Lansing.

If you are interested in knowing when the next meeting will be, leave a comment and I will try to pass on information as I receive it.

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Irritable Mother said...

I have never heard that myth about Fenner Nature Center. Glad it isn't true.
If they got rid of Fenner, where would we get our yearly maple sugar candy fix???