Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday

Dear Son,

Can it be you are really 7? I know it's true but the year seems to have gone by so fast.

First grade. You have developed into a great reader. It warms my heart when you curl up with a book and read to your sister. I pray that you will have a life long love of reading. I know this year was so important in that regards. It amazes me how many sounds and blends there are in words. You are doing so well. I know there are still tricky words and things that don't sound like they should. Don't worry, you will have those figured out soon enough. And Math, you are a math whiz. You grasp these concepts so quickly. It seems like the words are barely out of mouth and you already know how to do them. It makes me wonder what you will do when you grow up. One thing I know, you love learning what makes things work. You want to know how everything is made and how it does what it does. I think you could live your life watching the Discovery Channel. Especially, How It's Made and Survivor Man. I am not sure where you learned to make traps out of downed branches. But I do know that you mastered the art. Not that I am thrilled that you cut down so many branches out of the pine tree. But I do understand. You are a boy that is growing and discovering in everything you do. And your trap WAS really COOL.

You are one of the most observant people I know. You have the ability to see what others walk right past. On car rides we love to look for wild life as we drive. You love spotting the deer, hawk and any other creatures that comes into view. Remember the coyote that walked right in front of us on his way to the turkeys. Or the day we saw 24 deer, 2 hawks, 4 sand hill cranes, 4 geese, black birds? I love that you love nature and animals. Another one of our favorite past times in the car is "I'm Thinking of an Animal, Do You Know What It Is?" We have so much fun, guessing different things about the animals and figuring them out. I'm not sure there are many other first graders that know words like nocturnal, echolocation, carnivorous, mammal or marsupial.

And the weather! One of your favorite people is Rob Dale the meteorologist. You love to turn up the radio when he gives the report. Some days you don't want to get out of bed until you have heard the weather. And man when you prayed for snow this past winter, God heard. He sent more snow than we have seen in years. Next year do you think we can pray for a little less. Please!

Lately you have gone into training. You want to do the triathlon for kids coming up next month. I know you are going to great. You often ask to go over to the track to run. And now that the weather is warmer we can ride our bikes. I'm glad you love your new bike, I know you will get a lot of use out of it in the years to come. It's fun watching you take care of yourself in such healthy ways.

I think you have a secret crush on Hannah Montana but you don't come out and say it. I think I have watched every single episode of Hannah Montana and the Sweet Life of Zach and Cody, a couple times each. Sweet niblets.

I am so thankful that you and your sister are growing closer and closer each day. You started out the year not wanting anything to do with her because she was a girl but now, you two are almost inseparable. She's going to be your best friend in the years ahead. Whether you know it or not, I think she already is. Oh, I know you would say your cousin is your best friend and he is but it's good to know you have one in the bedroom next to yours.

While I am being thankful. Thanks for all your hugs and sweet kisses. I am so thankful you are not too old or too cool to show your mom some love. I hope you you never are.

Thanks for an awesome year. You are an incredible, awesome kid. It is a privilege to be your mom. Have a great time being 7! Just no more branches off the old pine, OK?

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

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