Friday, February 08, 2008


I am in need of childcare for the evening of Thursday February 21st from about 6:45-9:00pm

The reason I am in need of childcare is because I really want to go see this. It is a one night only showing, I missed the one is January not realizing that they were running it for only one night. I am in need of some inspiration and if you watch the movie trailer, I think this movie will provide just that.

I am also in need of a person to go and see it with me. Any one want to join me? Anyone want to take my kids?


Rochelle said...

I have to see this! Just the clip was inspiring!

justgottalaugh said...

I live to far to go or help but I just found your blog and wonder if you're a marathoner or if you're considering doing one this year. I just did the Disney a few weeks ago (my second) and loved it. Last year I had a decent clock time but this year ran with my mom just to finish, as I recently had a baby. Anyway, I hope you get to see the movie. I should check into seeing it myself :)

momteacherfriend said...

Rochelle- It inspired me too. That's why I really want to go to it.

gottalaugh- I am not a marathon runner but I do triathlons. I will do a couple 5K runs this year and hope to work up to a half marathon next year.

The showing is one night only so mark your calendars so you don;t miss it.

Rochelle said...

Did you go? How was it? BTW - I copied you and added a miles in 2008 on my side bar! Thank you!!

Irritable Mother said...

I am afraid my trainer may be turning me into a "runner" EEEKK! but I don't think I'm ready to watch a movie about it. Inspiring or not! LOL
And we're going to a boy scout thing-y next Thursday. Otherwise I'd take your kids.

Kellie said...

We would love to sit for you. Let me know how you want that to happen. Love ya