Wednesday, February 20, 2008


ROOF ROOF, the deep bellow of our dogs bark awakened me. I jumped out of bed to see what was setting her off. She was stressed, scrambling around the kitchen and barking at the unknown.
I checked the front door, locked. I went to the back door to check it as well. My heart was pounding hard and was soon matched with pounding on our side door. I hurried to the back door and locked it as quick as I could. The visitor heard me at the back and announced himself, "Police, open up the door."
Now our side door is solid steel, no windows, no peephole. There was no way I was going to open the door, police or not to an unknown visitor, especially at 11:30pm. I yelled out to the officer to please go to the front door where I could see him. Which he did.
Now let me remind you that I was awakened from a peaceful sleep. I was slightly confused and disoriented. I peered out the front window trying to confirm the mans identity. He looked like a police officer but one can never be sure. So there I stood looking at him trying to decide what was happening. Then his female partner came around the corner of the house, also in full uniform and I knew he truly was an officer.
I cracked the door and he asked for me to secure the dog, which I did. Then I returned to the door to answer the interrogation that followed.
Police Officer(PO)- "Are you ok ma'am?"
Me- Yes, I was sleeping.
PO- "Who is in the house with you?"
Me- "My two kids, they are sleeping."
PO- "We received a report that you may be in danger. Are you sure you are ok?"
ME- "Yes, I'm ok."
PO- "Someone heard yelling coming from the house and was concerned for your safety. Any yelling or disputing tonight?"
ME- "I yelled at my son to turn off his light and go to bed."
PO- Something was said about an Eric who supposably was involved in the dispute, "Who is Eric, ma'am?"
ME- "No Eric here."
It was at this time that he took a good look at the house number. He read off our house address and I confirmed it.
PO- "I'm sorry ma'am. I have the wrong house."
PO2- "Sorry, go back to sleep and have a good night."

They walked away as my heart continued to pound. I called hubby to relate the happenings. He asked what I was wearing, I had not even thought about this. Thankfully, I was cold when I went to bed so I was fully dressed in my workout clothes.
After my heart rate returned to normal I tucked myself back into bed and went to sleep. Dreaming about being awakened.


Anonymous said...

That's horrible! I don't think I could have gone back to sleep. What a way to start your morning. Here's hoping your day goes better!

Scott Booker said...

WOW!!! That would have given me a heart attack!! Crazy!! But on the bright least you know the inept cops are out there doing their jobs! :)

Wendy said...

Yikes, that would be scary!

Praying for your sweet girl today.

Sooze said...


I'm glad everything was okay!!

Melissa said...

See now, I'd have a blog if my life was that exciting!

J said...

Oh I know my heart would have been pounding so hard if that happened to me. I am glad everything was ok.

KelseyChristine said...

Oh no!! You had quite the night...scary!

justgottalaugh said...

That's terrible!

I'm praying for Little Girl.

Thanks for the familyman link you left on my blog. Myman and I got a kick out of it :)

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I am sorry I had no idea this was going on. I have been behind on my blog reading. I hope your little girl is doing better. I am so sorry.

Sending prayers your way