Friday, February 15, 2008

Prayer for Little Girl

It's been a bit of a stressful week. I have not been blogging much lately and trust me it is not because there is not anything to talk about.
On Saturday we took little girl to Urgent Care and were told she had a UTI (urinary tract infection) We went to the pharmacy and started her on a course of antibiotic.
Tuesday there was no change in the frequency of her bathroom needs so we stopped in quick to the Urgent Care to see if the culture report came back. The doctor had said he was sending it in and they should know something Monday or Tuesday at the latest. The culture came back as no growth. Odd but ok. The doctor was curious about her blood sugar so they pricked her finger and the number was in the normal range.
Today I took her into the family doctor as there has been no change and was feeling concerned. The news NOT GOOD.
They decided that it was NOT a UTI. What it is? There are no definite answers yet. The top 4 things on their list:
1 Kidney Malformation or abnormality
2 Diabetes
3 Inappropriate touch
4 Brain Tumor

Let's just say any and all of these things make me shudder. To think that there is something wrong that will not be fixed with a simple prescription is frightening. I was ok with UTI, taking a 10 course of antibiotic and being all better. Thinking that it is more, makes me want to cry. I haven't yet, simply because I am trying to keep a clear mind and wait for true answers. And at the same time none of the 4 options given really make sense. How do any of these things just randomly show up? Her issue is frequent urination (every 3-10 minutes) She is in no pain. Anywhere, not her abdomen, not her head, nor her kidney region. She does not have a long list of symptoms, just one. Frequent urination. And now that we are just over a week of dealing with it she is emotionally frustrated. Who wouldn't be. We can not go anywhere without having to use their facilities (many times.) She says no one has touched her and I completely believe her. She hasn't been in any situations in the last 2 months were I could even concieve something happening to her. But she says no one has touched her and I have to believe her. After the stink she raised about getting her finger pricked the doctor said she was not the typical victim. She is one to speak her mind, LOUDLY, if necessary and would not let it go unnoticed. She communicates effectively and is private about private parts. She doesn't even like her brother to see her in her underwear. Having someone get close enough to even consider harming her, highly unlikely. And again the thought makes me shudder.

I really need prayers for little girl. We have a renal ultrasound on Monday to take a look at her kidneys. Pray that we find out what the issue is.

I am off now to Google frequent urination. There has to be other options to consider.


Diane J. said...

Praying, S. There are other things it could be, so don't panic.

Love you,


Marcy said...

I'm praying for your family.

Staci said...

I'm definitely praying.

J said...

We are praying for you too.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

my daughter had REFLUX. same symptoms....something to consider. she "outgrew it" but was cath.ed several times...YUCKIE. contact me if you want to talk. you are in my prayers.