Friday, February 01, 2008

Secrets From My Food Diary

It's official, I have successfully logged every bite of food I have eaten for 31 days. The entire month of January. I started out writing in my notebook and tracking the basics, then on the 7th I found The Daily Plate(TDP) and kept at it electronically. At first I thought I would do it occasionally on TDP but found it rewarding and meaningful to keep at it. There are a lot of things you can tell about a person by reading their food diary. And lucky for you mine is public so you could read it for yourself if you so desired.
Here are a few secrets from January:
Guilty pleasure- Right Bites Chocolate Chip cookies (Keeblers 100 calorie snack packs)
I love the Hibachi Grill, we ate there twice. I had to enter it under a different restaurant to get it as close to possible.
I also ate at Subway 3 times. I don't consider this fast food. I did not eat what I would consider fast food (McDs or BK) at all. Yeah!
I have found I can eat the blandest of breakfast food with a glass of orange juice. I completely switched to healthy cereal (Go Lean by Kashi) and homemade oatmeal. I actually find them flavorful now at the end of the month. At the beginning, not so much.
I have reconnected with salads. Salad bags used to go bad before I even opened them. (Good intentions.) Now, I find I enjoy a salad every day or every other. I played around with making my own salad dressing but finally settled with Newmans Light honey mustard. Yum! I top my salads with a variety of things including, red peppers, carrots, almonds and rice noodles.
I get plenty of protein.
I get plenty of fiber.
Yogurt is a good safe snack. I stock my fridge with lots of different flavors. We try to have one a day. It has become the kids favorite snack.
I LOVE orange chicken. The sauce I make from scratch and it still has a lot of sodium. BUT my recipe is 2/3 less calories than my favorite at Applebees.
I have greatly improved by water intake but I still have some low intake days.
It also tells you about my fitness. What exercise I did for the day and how many calories I burned. Sometimes I remember to include the mileage. As for accurate swim, bike and run mileage check out the side bar.
Yesterday I swam half a mile. I believe this is my furthest distance during a workout to date. It felt really great. I see a much improved swim year for me this year. I also think I need to up my bike miles. I got the application in the mail for the family bike tour I want to do this summer. The first day is over 50 miles. So one day of biking is greater than my whole months total. I have to start somewhere.

There you have it some secrets from my food diary. There are many more I am sure but you will have to go discover them for yourself.

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Rochelle said...

Okay... I am SO impressed! I should do this. For the most part I log my foood - that helps me to make sure I eat the right foods as well as get enough calories. (I have a tendancy not to each enough calories on run days! I guess I'm afraid to ruin my run so I don't eat!) But I should log the miles that I run and bike. ANd walk too. I still sometimes walk. You are one fit and healthy person and I feel inspired! (In this very moment I'm drink a protein shake and getting ready to run 3.2 miles with a friend. Today is day one in increasing my 5K speed - however I am VERY out of shape from being off my ankle for so long with my stress fracture!)