Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Follow-up

Little girl was due to have her follow-up appointment with the doctor this afternoon. Unfortunately there was a scheduling mishap and she was not on the schedule for today. After waiting awhile for the doctor to call we finally got an update.
The kidneys are healthy. Praise God!
I shared with her the improvement we have seen. Which we are both thankful for. It has not fully improved at this time as she is still 30-60 minutes between bathroom visits but notable improvement with longer stretches at times. I also shared with her some new family medical history that I discovered this week. She was overjoyed at the news. It was like a huge boulder had been lifted from her and she audibly breathed out a sigh of relief. We will continue to look into the family history and see how it ties in with the current situation.
What she shared next was a huge Thank You Lord. She said she is very confident it is not a brain tumor. Praise God. As a brain tumor would not have improved at all and would have been accompanied with other symptoms.
Then she said she really did not feel that it was diabetes either. Praise God.
And we both had already ruled out the other option. Praise God.
So the uncertainties of last week are looking like they are no longer a concern. I still do not have definite answers. But I do know, God is in control. I know that we are covered in prayer. I am trusting that this will fully resolve itself, soon.
Thank you for your prayers and kind words over the last week. I truly appreciate each and every one.

Onto other news, I did go to see the Spirit of the Marathon movie. It was fabulous. I laughed. I cried. I left inspired. I am not sure what they plan to do with post production but I highly recommend seeing it. Whether you run or not you will be moved by these runners as they share their story. The motivation, the training, the injuries. Their struggles. their triumphant. It truly is remarkable.

Today was my first Michigan History lesson. I did all my research. I wrote the presentation and delivered it 3 times this morning to eager and attentive children, grades K-4th. It was really fun. After I got over my initial fears of doing it on my own. I really enjoyed myself. History is exciting stuff.

I found this You Tube of Sungha Jung on a video blog. This 11 year old guitar prodigy is incredible. Actually he is only 10 in this video. He blows me away. If you click on the link you will find many other songs he has preformed. AMAZING! I hope you enjoy this video of him playing Canon in D.

Canon in D - Sungha Jung (2nd time)


Diane J. said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer for Little Girl! Still praying for resolution of the rest of her symptoms.

The guitarist was amazing! I didn't even know you could play up on the bridge of the guitar like that!



Marcy said...
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Rochelle said...

Praise the Lord!! Yay! This is great news!! God is so good! And that movie was playinh here last Tuesday, but I wasn't able to go. I hope to be able to see it though. This new training we are doing to increase our 5k speed is wiping me out - but it feels great at the same time! I'm going to check out that video now... :)

Marcy said...

Glad that she's feeling better!