Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Little Help Here

The following two chair styles are ones I am considering.

Four legged.

Or sled based.

I need some help here. Should I go with the 4-legged chair or the sled based. My kids tend to rock their chairs up onto 2 legs. Will the sled based not allow them to do that? Or will it be more dangerous, should they try? Price is not as much of a concern as safety is.
Next, should I go with standard black or let them pick out their own color?

For more on why I need chairs, see here.
Please people, I need a little your help.


Wendy said...

I like the sled based.

Mindy Richmond said...

If their feet are touching the floor maybe they won't rock the chairs onto two feet as much. The sled based look pretty nice, but I'm a frugal nut so I would go with the four legged if it were me.

DEFINITELY let them pick their own colors. It gets them involved in the process and they can feel a bit of ownership. You would be surprised what simple things like that kids remember fondly later in life. I still have my favorite ruler from when I was a kid :)

Diane J. said...

Sled based turn over backwards really easily if they try to tip them back on 2 legs. The legs are already rounded and they slide right over.

But, once or twice picking themselves up out of the floor might cure them of that habit, too. If they tip the 4 legged ones back far enough they'll turn over too. Live and learn, I guess.....

J said...

I can't offer any suggestons on the style for safety. But I do think I would let them pick their own colors - kids love making decisions. Don't we all?

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

i know i'm late and haven't been reading blogs lately (busy) but i too agree the sled based