Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why I Cry...

Last night we were watching the finale of Biggest Loser. I had streams of tears rolling down my cheeks. My husband asks, "Why? You don't even know these people." I think I told him to leave me alone.
But Why? Why do I cry at TV shows? Or baptisms? Or kids singing in choir?
Here is my answer.
I cry because a life has been changed. I rejoice for the man who lost 150lbs and can now play with his kids. I cry knowing he is happier today and healthier. A life has been change.
I cry at baptisms, because a life has been changed. They have surrendered their lives. They have been saved. They will never be the same again. Praise God. I cry because they have publically proclaimed, "I am a child of God's."
I cry when kids sing because there is power in song.There is power in the spoken word. I cry knowing these kids are grasping biblical truths. I rejoice for these kids are moving heaven and earth. Something happens even in the hardest of hearts when a child sings. Lives are changed.
I cry at silly things too. Like at parades; when the marching band passes by. Reminiscing tears.
I get misty eyed when I see my kids grasp the meaning of something new.
I cry when I am angry and I cry when I am sad.
But mostly, I cry when I see a life changed.


Sooze said...

I teared up when I was reading your post.

Anonymous said...

You have followed in my footsteps because I cry at all those things and more.Like the first day of kindergarten as each child is filled with excitement and expectations and I stood there, thinking, another one of my children is stepping out into the world and I will no longer be the center of their universe. And graduations from high school for the very same reasons. Then there is weddings! I cried as each of you got married, knowing in my heart , all the adventures, joys, trials and tears-your new life would bring to you. I cry at parades, especially when the American Flag passes by-remembering all the sacrifices that so many people have made to guarantee my freedom ! There are so many things that touch my heart that a lot of tears are those of gratitude to our loving Father for the many blessings I have. And I am especially grateful for having such a loving daughter - you! Love Mom

Mindy Richmond said...

I cry when I listen to the Dave Ramsey show on Fridays every time someone screams "I'm Debt Free!!"

We had a choir of orphans from all over the world come to our church in September and I had streaming tears through the whole thing.

Crying is so therapeutic. I cried chopping onions on Tuesday and even that felt pretty good.

Oh, I've cried at marching bands too :)

learner said...

I cry when I see a guy cry, I cry when I am exhausted and overwhelmed I cry When I am lonely I cry when I am happy I cry at some of the stupidist commericials and at some of the most sentimental ones too!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to give you another reason to cry, Mr Phil has lost 28pounds. His knees are giving him less pain and he if walked up and down the steep hills as we walked our property line the other day. We love you guys!!!! Hugs to You, dh, ds, and dd. Merry Christmas and the Most Blessed of New Year. Sue b

Rochelle said...

Okay.. I cried reading this post!! I have not seen that show, but a good friend of mine said the exact same thing - I have got to see that show!