Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Have Declared...

Today is "Help Yourself Day!"
Now upon first glance it may appear that I am offering whatever is mine, you can have it; not so.
It means do it yourself, help yourself, Mom is not doing what you are capable of doing...
You see my dear sweet daughter has been playing me. She loves to see what see can get mom to do FOR her. For example: socks, shoes, wiping her bottom and as was the case last night, feed her.
That was too much. How hard can it be for a four year old to put the fork in her mouth? With food on it? Really not all that hard. I have seen one year olds do it. My own one year old in fact. You know the now 4 year old that has forgotten how to do basic life skills.
So this morning I declared,"Today is help yourself today. You will be doing all things by yourself." She pouted and made a declaration of her own,"You are SO mean!" That's is up for debate...
First task, socks. No problem. She goes about her day. Then comes the bathroom. "Mommy wipe me." To which I kindly reply that she is to do it herself. That I will watch to make sure she gets it all. She is not thrilled but realizes that I mean it.She uses 3 times the necessary amount of toilet paper needed to accomplish the job but SHE DID it! For lunch she helped make her quasadilla and then poured her own salsa, stating that today was help herself day. (Smile)
After lunch she decided she wanted to go play outside in the snow with her brother. Which means snowsuit and all outdoor paraphernalia. She asked for help with the snowsuit but I told her to first try to do it. Low and behold, she did it. Then came hat, mittens and boots.She did them all, (gasp) without any difficulty at all. Perhaps a bit of pride and accomplishment.
I am rather enjoying this day. I realize much of her behavior is for attention. I would much rather dote my attention playing games, reading together, baking and the like. It is so much more enjoyable.
This declaration may just end up sticking around for a while.


Sooze said...

AWESOME idea! I am so going to try that!!

Irritable Mother said...

What a great idea!
Even my seven-year-old still scoffs sometimes when I tell him to do something himself. I think I will do some similar declaring here and let him take pride in what he can do.