Monday, December 10, 2007


In October I lost my GPS. I was completely befuddled on where it could be. So for 2 months I have not been geocaching. (Insert sad sympathetic music here.) Then on Saturday just before the geocaching event. I found it. (Halleluia!) It had been in the cellphone bag when I got my cellphone. And there it stayed for 2 WHOLE months. (Sad I tell ya.)
At the event the kids and I went out for an hour and found 5 caches. We got to meet other cachers whom we had not yet met. Names in logs that we have seen MANY times, now have a face to go with it. We shared stories, laughed and sang the 12Days of Caching song,which was a hit. The team that always beats me to a new cache got the honors of singing #7 First to Find. Very appropriate. It was a great event, great food(Cancun) and the kids and I had a great time.
Since the event, my geocaching love has returned. We went on three finds yesterday. 2 had published while I was without me GPS and the other had too dense of tree coverage in the summer. It was great to be out caching again.
Too top it all off, last night I bought my long desired GPS (Garmin 60 CX) on Amazon.It should be here in a week. I am very excited. Perhaps I will cache this winter away afterall.

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