Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kid Speak

My son LOVES the Discovery Channel. Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs and Man vs Wild are some of his favorites. Lately we have both been getting into the Planet Earth documentaries. They are amazing! This weekend we were watching an episode and there were two male mountain goats fighting for mating rights. I asked him if he knew why they were fighting and he answered,"They're fighting to see who gets to marry the girl."

Little girl this morning explained to me,"Last night I logged off the Christmas tree lights, but Daddy turned them back on."



Mindy Richmond said...

He's a smart boy! I haven't seen Planet Earth yet but we watch Man vs. Wild occasionally. That guy is crazy! I can't believe some of the stuff he does. Amazing.

Little girl's comment = evidence of growing up in the age of internet. Love it.

Gina said...

My daughter is watching Mythbusters right now. She's also a big fan of Dirty Jobs. I can't watch Man vs. Wild. He's just too over the top for my taste. We like Survivorman though.

Bek said...

:) always fun to hear kidspeaks

J said...