Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Three Words

Per Mindy's request...

Good Morning America had a segment about 2007 in three words. Check out the link to see some creative ways others have expressed themselves in three words.
I would love to see what YOU have to say. Leave your three words here or link to a picture or video you have posted.


Anonymous said...

Life's A Journey! These 3 words have often come to mind as I have faced different difficulties.If you think of them as roads with obstacles on your journey to heaven-the end result is always to end up rejoicing in heaven. And suddenly the difficulties don't seem so bad for after all they are part of the journey thru Life! Love, Mom

Bek said...

Ready or Not!

:)this is a season of getting ready, prepared, prioritizing, focusing, b/c ready or not, Jesus is coming, things are shaking all around, new things are happenning, the baby is coming, etc...and i wanna be ready..:)

Irritable Mother said...

Jesus Loves Me!!!
And that's really all that matters.
*BIG grin*