Saturday, December 15, 2007

So We're NOT Normal...

As Patsy Clairmont would say...Normal is just a setting on your dryer.

Hubby and I both received packages in the mail yesterday containing our Christmas gifts to ourselves. Evidence#1 that we are not normal; we give each other money to get what we want rather than buy gifts for each other. I got my new GPSr Garmin 60CX, WOOHOO! And hubby got an electric guitar. And we do not wait until Christmas day to enjoy our gifts to ourselves. Mine was out of the package loaded with way points and out on the trail in less than an hour. Perhaps this is evidence #2. But really the true indicator of how un-normal we are. We let our kids open their main gift from us last night. Heehee. It was so much fun. Complete randomness, we decided to let them open their "Want gift." We sent the kids to their room for a moment to prepare. They giggled their way there. Then one at a time we let them open their gift. Incredibly cute as they giggled and tore away the paper or in DD's case threw off the blanket. I think the below pics express well how they feel about their new gifts.

And as a measure to try and be normal...we will make them wait for the remaining gifts. :)

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